The Beginning

After pondering on what should crack the nod for the first blog post, it occurred to me that the story of meeting the love of my life, surely had to be it!

As those who know them will know, Erik and Colleen were both born in Eshowe, a tiny town in Zululand, and you will all be thinking; how lovely that two Eshowe friends met up again later in life and got married. Not quite so.

Our fathers were both from Liverpool and frequented the local Country Club.
Colleen lived next door to Erik’s grandparents for a good few years in the late 90’s.
We both had our first high school part time jobs in the Eshowe Mall in shops that happened to be right next to each other.
Colleen was friends with Erik’s best friend, Paul Warren whilst in the early years of high school.
Erik’s first job was at a company in Pietermaritzburg, that was on the same street Colleen lived on as a young child.
At the time we met, she lived in the street next to Erik’s mother.

What you won’t know, is that they met for the first time ever on the 30 April 2014.

Erik left South Africa to spend a few years working in Zambia and then Mozambique, whilst Colleen went to England. They both had had enough and realised it was time to find that someone special to share their lives with. Erik moved to Heidelberg, and Colleen to Eshowe. Convinced by what was no doubt the despair of friends, they each plucked up the courage to do the online dating thing,, and within a couple of weeks Erik (along with the help of Paul), spotted Colleen’s profile and dropped her a line. He was going to be in Eshowe that week, and why not meet up at the George for a catch up. You all know where that night ended; The Sports Club*.

* Those who have never experienced Eshowe, Aerial Boardwalk EshoweThe Sports Club is generally responsible for a combination of either extreme hilarity, shame and general mayhem.

For the remainder of Erik’s holiday they did not leave each others sides and after spending that weekend in Umdloti, Erik pointed out that Heidelberg wasn’t actually that far, and the rest, as they say, is history.




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