A bit about me

img_0013Thanks to the amazing world wide webness, I’ve been living in sunny South Africa since 2013, having lived in England for nearly 10 years.

I own a small domestic and commercial cleaning business, Splash Clean, which services the Winchester & Alresford area of Hampshire, England.  I deal with the accounts, marketing and recruitment. Along with the help of the amazing Angela who deals with all the day to day running of Splash Clean, including the team schedules, training, new clients, recruitment etc.

When I am not doing my share of the work, which admittedly is not a big share at all, I am very busy at home!  Vegetable gardening, brewing and making various concoctions for the cleaning cupboard and to eat, plotting holidays, and trying to keep our life organised, balanced, happy and as close to zero waste as I can manage!

Hope you enjoy my blog, it’s a bit of everything that is special to me; my attempts to live a zero waste life, our travels, my discoveries, my spiritual growth, and just things I generally find wonderful whilst trying to have a Life Lived Simply.

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Contact: mrscolleenblack at gmail dot com